What is Emergents TCG?

Emergents TCG is a Trading Card Game that gives players the ability to own their own in-game items. A top-down, design-driven game built in the Emergents Universe, the Emergents TCG is a strategy-first card game, with a focus on deckbuilding and gameplay experiences, for the age of mobile gaming.

What makes Emergents TCG special?

Emergents TCG blends the best gameplay of any digital TCG on the market with a brand new economy experience. Quick action for the mobile age, without sacrificing the strategic depth that makes TCGs unique. New, digital-only mechanics, teamed up with the Tezos blockchain technology, allow the Emergents superhero universe to thrive and be the game we, as game developers, want to play.

Do I need to understand blockchain?

No! Whether you’re new to blockchain or experienced, you’ll be able to play the Emergents TCG. The cards existing on the blockchain allow them to act as unique entities, ones you can unlock special qualities for, trade them, sell them, and track their history. However, you don’t need to know how Tezos or a blockchain works to experience the Emergents TCG.

Where can I learn more about the game cards and mechanics?

Follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with the game developments or join our community on Discord.

Who are we?

Brian David-Marshall, CEO & Publisher, has been obsessed with comics and games since getting bitten by a radioactive Uncanny X-Men 141 in grade school. He sold his first comic book script when he was still in High School and climbed every rung on the editorial ladder from intern to Publisher — a title he has taken on again for InterPop. On the game side, Brian was one of the first organizers to run large scale Magic: The Gathering tournaments, opened the first tournament center — a 5,000 square foot retail outlet known as Neutral Ground, and was an on-air personality for Magic up until his current role. He has designed licensed board games as well as multiple digital CCGs and is excited to bring all his gaming and comic experiences to bear on the Emergents TCG and comic universe.

Zvi Mowshowitz, Director of Gaming and Lead Designer, is a former professional Magic: The Gathering player, as well as a member of their Hall of Fame. In addition to his accolades as a participant, he has also held R&D and consulting positions in a variety of games in the collectible card game industry.

Alan Comer, Chief Technical Officer, is a former professional Magic: The Gathering player, as well as a member of their Hall of Fame. He has built AI and rules engines for popular franchises like Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering online edition and has over 20 years of experience building rules engines and digital card games. He most recently worked at Valve Games, one of the most successful gaming companies in the US.

Corey Burkhart, Senior Game Designer, is a Magic: The Gathering PT champion and active pro player. A game designer of 10+ years, he’s been the lead on several different games in the industry as well as working on teams for a variety of board and collectible games as well.

Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa, Game Designer, is the 2020-21 Magic: the Gathering World Champion and a member of the MTG Hall of Fame. Aside from being a professional MTG player and writer, Paulo is an enthusiastic gamer who frequently plays other card games, RPGs, and autobattlers. He’s a huge League of Legends fan and has also participated in international Bridge competitions in the past

Leonard Perez, Product Manager, is an experienced product manager in the fintech and gaming industries. His previous role was at Scopely’s Star Trek Fleet Command, where he was a key member of the performance / live ops team.

Drew Nolosco, Director of Product Management, has been a collectible games professional for nearly 20 years. During ten years at Wizards of the Coast, Drew was the Lead Game Designer for Magic Duels (MtG on iOS, XBOX, and Steam platforms) and held senior positions on the Transformers and Kaijudo TCGs. Prior to working at Wizards, Drew relaunched the Marvel and DC HeroClix games at WizKids.

What does owning your collection mean?

Unlike other digital games, when you buy a card or a cosmetic, you’re just earning the ability to play with the card or cosmetic. In the Emergents TCG, the cards are minted to the Tezos network. Thus, as the player you have the ability to sell the item for real money, trade it to your friends, or use it in a game of the Emergents TCG.

What will be my starting collection?

The starting collection will be a collection of “Free Set” cards. These cards will be granted to each and every player who plays the Emergents TCG to allow them the ability to begin building decks and playing games or tournaments against other players. The free set will start with at least 70 cards.

How do players acquire new cards?

Players will be able to acquire exactly the cards they want, but not have to collect thousands of extra cards they either don’t need or don’t want. Players will have the ability to acquire new cards regularly through auctions and sales we run in our store. Additionally, once cards have been sold, players will have the ability to purchase the cards directly from us, or trade for them from other players.

Will cards change mechanically (AKA Nerf or Buff)?

For regular cards on sale in our store, absolutely not. One of the most important things about existing on the blockchain is the idea that once the card is minted we’ve locked into what that card is. Thus, we can’t change the value or power of the item. What you see, is what you get. For promo cards released prior to the official game launch, InterPop may modify card stats for game balance.

What is “card chrome”?

Chrome is a different cosmetic feature enhancing a card. Special borders, card titles, and animations are things that NFT cards can unlock on an individual level by completing quests and unlocking achievements.

How does card trading works?

Trading will have two different components. The ability to buy and sell directly back to us, allowing players to acquire the cards or sell back ones they no longer want or need. However, one thing that we won’t do is appreciate the chrome that has been unlocked on a card. Other players may appreciate that, thus, there will also be peer-to-peer trading in the marketplace. If you have unlocked special chroming on a particular card you can sell or trade that to another user rather than selling it back to us.

Where is my collection stored?

All of your game asset NFTs are stored in your Tezos wallet. Our projects support Kukai wallet, and other Beacon wallets, for example Temple Wallet. If you do not have a wallet when you create an account on our platforms, we create a Kukai wallet for you, which you can access also access at kukai.app by logging in with the same login method you used when creating your account on our platform.


What is the Super Booster drop?

The Super Booster drop is a flash sale for the Emergents Trading Card Game to celebrate moving into the Public Beta phase of game development. There are three types of Super Booster packs available for you to purchase that will feature a mystery box style of exclusive NFTs.

Why should I purchase a Super Booster pack?

The Super Booster drop will be the only opportunity to grab these limited edition items. In addition, all NFT promo cards that you receive in your Super Booster pack will be playable immediately in the Emergents Trading Card Game.

What can I get in a Super Booster pack?

The Super Booster packs feature exclusive NFT promo cards, including 1st Minted versions of these exclusive cards. Packs may also feature Emergents Universe NFT Comic Books and IRL original comic art.

Where can I purchase a Super Booster pack after primary sales end?

If you missed the Super Booster sale but are interested in purchasing a pack, we recommend checking out our verified collections on Rarible and objkt.

When can I play the Emergents TCG?

Today! We are currently in Public Beta so anyone can play at any time. Create your account and get started at play.emergentstcg.com.

Can I play the cards from the Super Booster drop in the game?

Yes! All NFT promo cards will be playable in the game. Please make sure that you are connecting the correct wallet within the game to see your cards.

Do I need tez to purchase or bid?

Nope! While you are able to pay with tez in your Kukai, we also offer the opportunity to purchase or bid on any of our Super Booster packs with a credit card (via Stripe).

How do I open my pack?

All Super Booster packs will be available to open on Tuesday, August 23. Once all sales and auctions are complete, you can visit your collection in the Emergents TCG store to open your pack and see what you got. Cards and comics will be available to play and read immediately upon opening.

How do I get my physical piece of Scott Kolins original art?

If you received an original piece of Scott Kolins comic art, you can redeem it within 1 year by contacting us at [email protected]. A team member will walk you through how to redeem your physical piece.

How do I make sure I’m on the Super Booster whitelist?

Anyone that is currently holding an InterPop NFT will be added to the Super Booster pre-sale whitelist. InterPop NFTs include any NFT comics from InterPop Comics or any Emergents TCG promo cards (including the Sunder promo card from InterPop’s 2021 Block Party). The Sleighton Project Holiday Card NFT does NOT count towards the whitelist.

I tried to buy during the pre-sale but I don’t have access. How do I participate in the pre-sale?

Whitelist spots are assigned by wallet address. If you own an InterPop NFT but are having trouble accessing the pre-sale, please make sure that you have connected the correct wallet when logging in. For example, if your InterPop NFT was purchased with a Kukai wallet that you used your Twitter account to log in with, please make sure to log in to the Emergents TCG store with that same login method. If you are still having trouble accessing the pre-sale, please join our Discord and ask one of our community moderators for assistance.


What is Tezos?

Tezos is an energy-efficient and self-upgradable Proof of Stake blockchain with an average energy footprint of 17 global citizens. The Tezos network’s annual energy consumption is estimated at 0.001 TWh. Tezos’ Proof of Stake (PoS) design means it can operate in an energy-efficient manner–other popular Proof of Work (PoW) networks use significantly more energy to (Ethereum 26 TWh; Bitcoin 130 TWh) – this makes it an ideal platform for building blockchain applications that are energy-efficient and sustainable. Estimates point to Tezos having a carbon footprint 2 million times lower than popular proof-of-work blockchains.
Tezos’ on-chain governance mechanism allows for continuous improvements to be proposed by participants on the network, voted on, adopted, and deployed without the need to rely on hard forks for governance. In this way, Tezos remains state-of-the-art, adopting the latest technological advancements, adapting to the needs of its users, and staying at the forefront of innovation. Additionally, the gas fees associated with minting an NFT on Tezos are significantly lower than competing chains (roughly 10 cents versus $100 on Ethereum).

What is tez? Do I need it to play the game?

tez or ꜩ is the native currency of the Tezos blockchain network. Owning or holding XTZ is not required to play the game. All of our cards are available to purchase with both tez or credit card (via Stripe).

How do I get tez?

You can purchase tez through any of the major cryptocurrency exchanges, where legal, at the current market rate.


What is the Emergents Universe?

The Emergents Universe is a brand-new, character-driven world created by Brian David-Marshall. The Emergents is the name given to the superpowered beings all situated in the city of Culverton. Their powers are native abilities unlocked due to genetic tinkering by the mysterious Aloysius Zeroth, an industrialist who’s fond of a flamboyant appearance in sharply tailored suits and makeup. Zeroth claims to have developed The Emergents as the only solution to stop a massive alien invasion threatening Earth – The alien invasion was repelled, but there was no going back to civilian life for the new Emergents. In the aftermath, some of them embraced their abilities. Others did not. Conflict ensued.

Where can I find and read more about the Emergents Universe?

Visit InterPop Comics and enjoy our comics for free in our e-reader. If you like them, you can buy the whole issue as an NFT! These digitally native comics provide true digital ownership. With this ownership comes the ability to engage with the content and direct the story’s outcome. Readers will have power over decisions that range from the cosmetic to the cosmic through voting. Which costume do you all like better? Does the hero stop to read this message? Who should join the team? Who was most responsible for a character’s death? These choices will have real consequences and a lasting impact on the Emergents Universe. Choose wisely; the fate of the universe will be in your hands.