Public Beta Client v0.47 Release Log

Welcome friends!

This release brings changes to the game UI and several gameplay fixes.

Client updates:

  • Premium cards are now on sale! Available via Minterpop at
  • Added hover states to the Main menu UI
  • Updated Play and Learn Menu UI and response
    Developer Comment: We will be adding hover and click states to these menus in future updates
  • Updated text format of the description and quick-description
  • Optimized card UI for better readability on mobile devices
  • Added playback controls to the help center video player
  • Added clicking outside the help center to return to the main menu/game
  • Improved the logic on unread news to mark the top priority news item as read after opening the news panel
  • Added an advisor if a player loses a match if they have never completed a tutorial mission before
    Developer Comment: This advisor might trigger on some of our existing players the first time they lose a match, as we were not storing tutorial completion information before

Client fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where clicking continue at the end of a tutorial could lead to the wrong mission
  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash after having a challenge rejected
  • Fixed an issue where the card’s font would appear to have a gray background