Public Beta Client v0.46.06 & Premium card sales

Welcome friends!

Today we are commencing sales of premium cards, and we are starting by releasing a Valentine’s inspired series! The first two cards: Secret Admirer and Explosive Truffles are already available for purchase at We will be releasing a new card for sale on each weekday!

Premium cards use our standard economic model, where cards will float in value according to total supply as established in a pre-defined “bonding curve”. More importantly, players will be able to sell their premium cards back to the smart contract.


  • Enabled premium cards in the client.
  • Cards for sale onĀ
  • Card changes:
    • ZoeMG temporarily removed from the free set
    • Some card names have been updated – users may need to adjust their decks

Note: Players might need to re-start their client after any transaction to see it reflected in-game. We are working on improving this process to make buying and selling seamlessly update the player’s collection.