Public Beta Client v0.46 and Launcher v0.1.35

Welcome friends!

This release introduces card sub-names and new versions of the game boards, as well as a multitude of improvements to the UI and bug fixes. 

The launcher also receives a significant update. The launcher will now be able to detect if there is an update to itself and point players to download the new version. We also added a support button to send feedback directly from the launcher. Finally, we added the ability to directly surface news or important updates on the launcher. 

Client updates:

  • Added card sub-names to character cards.
  • Re-developed the “Park” and “Streets” boards.
    Developer Comment: These boards are a complete re-design of the original playmats. The new boards’ bright and vibrant palette complements our latest card art and game UI upgrade releases. The “streets” playmat comes with animation and clickable effects. The park board will receive the same treatment soon. Expect to see more boards soon!
  • Disabled PvP game mode.
    Developer Comment: Our test of the “Play” game mode introduced during the last release cycle was very successful. Given this, we decided to disable “PvP” and move “Play” as the primary way to play Emergents. As a reminder, “Play” uses the PvP queue but matches players against bots in the event that a suitable rival is not available.
  • Updated card description format from user feedback.
  • Updated “Learn” menu UI.
  • Updated deck selection screen.
    Developer Comment: To delete or export a deck, players will now have to single click/tap a deck once and select the appropriate action from the buttons that appear over the deck.

Client fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from entering the queue.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented login using Twitter SSO.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing continue at the end of a tutorial mission might not lead to the next mission.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from playing a card drawn this turn.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would hang when entering the build step.

Launcher updates:

  • Added a support button to send feedback and bug reports within the launcher.
  • Added the ability to detect if a new version of the launcher has been released and prompt the player to upgrade.
  • Added contextual news support to the launcher.
  • Changed how account data is shown in the launcher. The wallet address is now initially hidden as a safety precaution.