Public Beta Client v0.45

Welcome friends!

This release adds our first selectable battlefield cosmetics, playmats and avatars, and many quality-of-life improvements and fixes.

Client updates:

  • Created playmat and avatar sections in the collection menu and enabled players to select their default loadout for matches.
    Developer Comment: This is just the first iteration of this feature! We will be adding support for NFT cosmetics in future releases. We are also making all tutorial bosses’ avatars available for selection on this release to test cosmetic selection. However, we will lock them behind the completion of the corresponding tutorial mission in the future.
  • Created a new matchmaking mode that matches players vs. the AI if no human rival is available.
    Developer Comment: This matchmaking mode is available in the new “Play” game mode. The first match ever in an event using this matchmaking will always be against the AI, but it is designed to prioritize matching against other humans after that.
  • Edited “intro to deckbuilding” video in help center -> deck builder to add an intro sequence.
  • Removed the “Exit Game” option from the settings menu while playing a match.
  • Renamed “Challenges” to “Learn” in the Play menu.
  • Improved UI feedback on deck editing.
    Developer Comment: To add more copies of a card, tap once on the faction-colored box where its name is. To remove a copy, tap once on the white-colored box where the number of copies is. This only applies to vertical “deckbuilding”.
  • Improved the “cost” bar behavior to provide a better view of a deck’s energy curve.
  • Changed how the client displays the “Play” and “Play and deploy” hitboxes when playing a card that cannot be deployed (Traps) for better UX.
  • Abilities with only legal targets in a specific zone now open that zone as part of the effect.
  • Updated tutorial Advisor dialogue for new players in their first login and first time in the deck builder screen.

Client fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect character stacking after combat.
  • Fixed an issue where two Devastatrix would stack even if they had used different abilities.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes cards would have shadows appear over them while in hand.
  • Fixed an issue where card art would not fit correctly inside the frame.
  • Fixed an issue where the options menu would be interactable during tutorial dialogue.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking continue at the end of a tutorial mission briefly brought players back to the main menu before starting the next mission.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting a card to change the deck cover would also add a copy of that card to the deck.
  • Fixed an issue where some cards would show blank white boxes until inspected for several seconds.
  • Fixed an issue where forging several characters during an attack trigger caused the characters to sometimes disappear.
  • Fixed an issue where entering the PvP queue with a deck, then fighting a bot with a different deck would load the wrong deck in a future PvP match.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not select a target for [Alt] with the rival’s deck.
  • Fixed an issue where cards played by the rival could not be quick (hover/holding) inspected.
  • Fixed an issue where the news would open over a tutorial advisor.
  • Fixed an issue where the Android client would allow the user’s screen to go to sleep mode.
  • Fixed format of rules and glossary documents in the help center.