Public Beta Client v0.44, and Launcher v0.1.25 Release log

Welcome friends!

Today we finally unveil the new main menu UI! However, that is just one part of an absolutely stacked release. 

We started this release cycle with two objectives in mind:

  • Streamline and simplify the installation and launch process
  • Unify the game interface to reinforce the game’s unique style and theming
  • Add in-game help resources

For our first objective, we changed the website to reduce the clicks necessary to download and run the installer and added account creation and wallet linking to the launcher. Not only that but the new installer and launchers are fully certified in Windows and Mac, ensuring players will not have to see OS warnings about the safety of installing the game. We also strengthened the launcher’s ability to check for new updates and keep the build up-to-date.

For our second objective, we focused on delivering the first iteration of the main menu UI. We are very excited to see the community’s feedback on this change, but this is the first version, not the end product. In particular, many UI animations still need to be included. Stay tuned as we have months of work worth of improvements that we want to add here! 

Finally, we released the first version of the help center, with an interactable quick reference page and copies of the Rules and Glossary. Our desire is to build this feature into a one-stop hub for how to play and how to improve resources. Expect to see more information added steadily throughout the following months.

Website changes:

Exposed game installer to all website visitors, removing the need to create a game account first.

Launcher release: 

  • Added account creation flow to the launcher. Accessible through clicking “Sign Up!” In the sign-in menu.
  • Added wallet update flow to the launcher. Accessible through the options menu.
    Developer Comment: The wallet update flow redirects to the site. This ensures maximum compatibility with all the possible login providers that Beacon wallets support.
  • Added game credits to the launcher. Accessible through the options menu.

Client updates:

  • Updated main menu UI to match the style of the game UI. Options, feedback, and the news menu have also been updated.
  • Moved all tutorials to the “Challenges” section.
  • Updated all tutorial missions.
  • Added help center feature. Players can reach this feature by pressing F1 or the “?” button on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Disabled undo button.
    Developer Comment: We were bullish on the value of an undo feature. However, the existence of effects that could trigger during another player’s turn imposed severe limitations on how Undo would work, resulting in an unsatisfying experience. We might revisit this in the future.
  • Abilities that only have legal targets in a container zone (deck, gutter, and erased zones) will open that zone as it goes into effect to facilitate targeting.
  • Included credits page and links to the terms of service and privacy policy documents in the Options menu.
  • Optimized the re-appearance of wildcard cards as part of the wildcarding card animation.
  • Added a unique animation for effects that cause a player to wildcard multiple cards at the same time.
  • Added turn timer and turn timer animation.
    Developer Comment: Standard turn timers are set at two minutes per turn. Some game modes, like practice, will not have time limits enforced.
  • Split post-process option into Film Grain, Bloom, and Chromatic Aberration. All of the previous ones are turned off by default.
  • Added a rule to prevent changes to a deck selected for an ongoing queue that would delete or change it in a way that would make the deck illegal for the queued game mode.
  • Rolled up the play hitbox to create more space between the wildcard and play hitboxes.

Client fixes:

  • Fixed a critical issue that caused players to be stuck on a gray screen.
  • Fixed an issue where some animations would persist on the screen.
  • Fixed an issue where resources generated by cards or effects would spawn from the center of the screen instead of the card originating the effect.
  • Fixed an issue where moving the music volume slider down would turn the music off rather than reduce the volume.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes a card would have shadows appear over the other cards in hand.
  • Fixed a typo on the play and deploy the hitbox.
  • Fixed a typo where “The Accelerant” would be written as “The Acceleranr.”
  • Fixed an issue where cards played by the rival could not be inspected.
  • Fixed an issue where closing the client in window mode would result in the client opening as a single pixel the next time the application is launched.
  • Fixed an issue where some traps would see a single “play” area while some would see a “play” and a “play and deploy” area when trying to play the card from hand.
  • Fixed an issue where players could use NFT cards they didn’t have access to by importing decklists with those cards.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented starting tutorial mission #5.
  • Fixed an issue where hovering/tapping over your health would show the rival’s health description pop-up.
  • Fixed an issue where a player would start a match with the wrong deck if they were playing a bot match while waiting on the PvP queue.
  • Fixed an issue where the highlighting on players’ avatars would not match the standing color convention.