Public Beta Client v0.41 and Launcher v0.1.7 Release Log

Welcome friends!

Today we finally released our new login application for desktop – the Emergents Launcher – and a new client update with a hefty amount of new features. 

The launcher improves the client install process by reducing the initial download and will grow to become a hub for all future client updates. It also enhances our social login flow for those players that prefer to use single sign-in.

The client receives a major change in how players queue to PvP matches, with players now able to play Bot matches or edit decks while waiting for a rival. Alongside this update are many improvements to how the client represents specific passages of play and a host of quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes.

Launcher release: 

New Emergents Launcher available for download in the site. All new client downloads will be made available through the launcher.

Developer Comment: We will be building on the launcher in the coming months to add account creation and wallet management functionality.

Client updates:

  • Changed PvP queue flow – Players can now play bot matches or deck build while they wait for a rival. Queue status can be accessed by pressing on the sword icon on the top right of the UI
  • Added “the advisor system” to guide new players through the main menu interface
  • Added storage of replay files to Mac builds
  • Improved stat buffing handling
  • Improved how targeting effects resolve for better player experience
  • Changed how rival actions are deployed to be able to see their title
  • Added an animation when a trap is sprung
  • Added a back option to the choose one interface
  • Added targeting arrows on rival’s actions or abilities
    Developer Comment: This is intended as a temporary measure to improve player comprehension of the rival’s moves. We expect that the arrows will be replaced by visual FX in the future.   
  • Changed how full screen and resolution are handled by the client
    Developer Comment: The game will copy the OS resolution in full screen. Players will now be able to drag and resize the client in window mode.
  • Added an option to target a specific frame rate
  • Improved shadow behavior
  • Added post-processing effect
    Developer Comment: Players will be able to toggle this effect via the settings menu.
  • Added support for turn and inactivity timers
    Developer Comment: The game will copy the OS resolution in full screen. Players will now be able to drag and resize the client in window mode.

Client fixes:

  • Fixed a critical issue where players would not be asked to provide a game alias, and be prevented from joining PvP matches
  • Fixed an issue where “Enhance” would grant the same enhancement more than once
  • Fixed several visual issues with cards in the gutter
  • Fixed an issue where the asset filters in the deck builder would be covered by the cost filters
  • Fixed an issue where assets would only be played if dragged to the left side of the board, instead of anywhere in the play area hitbox
  • Fixed an issue where the Scroll Arrows don’t scroll enough to allow you to interact with a card.
  • Fixed an issue where the player would start a match with a deck different than the one selected
  • Fixed an issue where the player would not be able to inspect cards in the deck panel of the vertical deck builder
  • Fixed an issue where the player would be able to play a match with a deck that is not event-legal or includes cards the player doesn’t have access to in their collection.
  • Fixed an issue where the create new deck button would go to the bottom of the deck panel.
  • Fixed an issue where characters would move to the outsides of the playmat to attack