Release Log – 0.38

Welcome friends!

Today we are releasing a version 0.38 of the Public Beta client. 

This client release brings new animations for playing cards and several improvements and bug fixes.

Client updates:

  • Updated playing card animations
  • Added shadow effect to cards
  • Updated keyword icon logic
    • All icons are shown on the left side of the card
    • Added priority order to ensure higher priority keywords are on top
    • All keyword icons after the fifth are aggregated into a “show me more” icon
  • Added card name to the top of in-card description box when browsing cards in the collection
  • Updated playing hitboxes. Increased size and animation.
  • Updated button geometry in the game UI
  • Added option to filter collection by owned cards
  • Updated Learn menu options. Completed tutorial missions now move to the bottom.


  • Fixed a critical issue where the game would not read the player’s owned NFTs correctly
  • Fixed a critical bug where the game would hang after selecting and deselecting attackers
  • Fixed an issue where character landing animation was cut by the player/rival hand zone
  • Fixed an issue where the deplete icon was appearing incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where rival resources were not updating correctly
  • Fixed an error where attacking arrows would show after an attacker was destroyed
  • Fixed a typo on unblockable and flurry description
  • Fixed an issue where unblockable would not have a description pop-up
  • Fixed an issue where the player would quick inspect cards in their hand while checking a container zone (any gutter or erased zone, or rival’s deck)