Release Log – 0.35.04

Welcome friends!

Today we are releasing update 0.35.04 of the Public Beta client. 

This client release introduces deckbuilding rules to PvP matches and several new features and fixes.

Client updates:

  • Added PvP Match deckbuilding enforcement. PvP Match decks now must be at least 40 cards, no more than 200 cards, and may not contain more than 3 copies of any given card.
  • Added Referenced Cards on inspection.  If you inspect a card that forges a specific card you should now be able to see the card it references.
    • There are some minor issues we’ll improve in a future build:
      • Referenced cards aren’t showing their keyword abilities.
      • Referenced cards don’t show the cards they reference (I.E Shimmerstorm only shows Shimmerstorm 2 and not Shimmerstorms 3, 4, and 5 as well).
      • Referenced cards in some cases will show itself if it forges a copy of itself.
  • Updated the art on Speed Lessons and Boxing Lessons in the tutorial. 
  • Updated the pass button with elements to show who is the active player.
    • If the button is yellow it’s your turn and you’re the active player.
    • If the button is gray it’s the rivals turn and they’re the active player.
      • The button will additionally appear gray while animations are playing.
  • Improved zone and card highlighting
    • Playable/selectable – Yellow
    • Hovered / mouseover – Cyan
    • Selected / held / draggable – Green


  • Fixed an issue with Moxie where she was always unaffected by actions.
  • Fixed an issue with some cards referencing the wrong quests.
  • Changed the name of Binah in the Free Set to Joy Buzzer.
    • Note: Decks containing Binah will have the card changed to a SLAB Worker. So be sure to update your decks!
  • Fixed an issue where the AI was appearing to play their entire turn during their Replenish Step.
  • Fixed an issue where editing any settings in the settings menu would change if the screen was fullscreen or not.
  • Fixed an issue where the unblockable Icon was not on a banner backer.
  • Updated the language on the main menu message.
  • Updated the language in the tutorial mission introductions.
  • Fixed an issue where if you met the power cost for cards but not the energy costs.
  • Fixed an issue where swapping deck views from horizontal to vertical (or vice versa) removed all changes made to a deck.