Release Log – 0.35

Welcome friends!

Today we are releasing a version 0.35 of the Public Beta client. 

This client release brings the ability to play with promotional cards and numerous improvements and fixes. Read on for the complete release log!

Client updates:

  • Added promotional cards to the game
  • Added ability to read promo tokens from a linked wallet
    • Note: To ensure your wallet address is correct, disconnect and reconnect your wallet in your account settings at
    • Step1: Head to
    • Step2: Login to your account
    • Step3: Click Account (Upper right corner)
    • Step4: Click Update Wallet
    • Step5: Click Remove existing wallet and confirm you want to remove it
    • Step6: Click Account again 
    • Step7: Select Connect another wallet
    • Step8: Click on Open on the Kukai pop-up (Upper right corner). This will open kukai
    • Step9: Log-in to your Kukai wallet as usual
    • Step10: Immediately after login, you will see a pop-up requesting permissions to link the wallet. Accept it and you are all set!
  • Added logic to prevent players from playing testing decks using “quick bot match” or “quick pvp match”
  • Removed stacking on cards participating in combat
  • Updated highlighting logic
  • Changed healing animation
  • Changed forging animation
  • Changed current player animation
  • Added erased card animation
  • Added moved to gutter animation
  • Added wildcard charge-up animation
  • Added UI elements to prompt the player when its the rival’s turn or when an animation is playing
  • Iterated on wildcarding success and fail animation timing 
  • Added resource trail animation
  • Changed unready and depleted effect
    • Developer comments: We partially reverted some of the changes made in the last patch. In particular, we decided to remove the ellipsis animation on top of the card. Now players will see the frame darken and an icon to the side of the card indicating unready or depleted.
  • Added mouse cursor, with dark and light mode selectable in settings menu
  • Changed wildcard cube highlighting

Tutorial updates:

  • Fixed Professor Helios talking head asset
  • Removed keyword icon inspection from Mission 3

Quality of life:

  • Added inspection and quick inspection of abilities and triggers
  • Added ENTER as a key binding for several dialog boxes in the deck builder
  • Improved scrolling speed and direction when using the mouse scrolling wheel
  • Changed how cards are displayed in containers to improve player recognition of when there are more cards under the fold
  • Changed key binds for full screen mode: 
    • Kept Alt + Enter
    • Added Ctrl + Command + F
    • Removed ESC


  • Fixed an issue where linking a wallet would not save the correct wallet address
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to login using Google SSO
  • Fixed an issue where the play & deploy zones were highlighted erroneously
  • Fixed an issue where playing Turn of Events hung the game
  • Fixed an issue in “Bot Match” where it appeared as thought the AI was playing their whole combat in the replenish step
  • Fixed an issue where the player going second didn’t see what happened on the first turn
  • Fixed an issue where the player would see the rival playing a revealed card from their hand rather than the card they just played
  • Fixed an issue where the game would redraw the opening hand several times
  • Fixed an issue where the game would hung when the AI was selecting blockers
  • Fixed an issue where players would get stuck in “Match Found” while queuing for a “PvP match”
  • Fixed an issue where The Crimson Mark attacking only allowed the rival player to block with a single character
  • Fixed an issue where Turn of Events could trigger off of it’s forced wildcarding of a card

Known Bugs:

  • Undoing after selecting two characters to block a single rival attacker causes game to freeze.