Welcome to Closed Beta

It’s been five months since we officially moved to Closed Alpha. Over a hundred playtesters have helped us validate the game’s rules and interface. Through their feedback, they confirmed that playing the Emergents TCG is fun!

Emboldened by the positive response, we are excited to announce that we are transitioning to Closed Beta!

Read on to learn more about what changes now and how you can be a part of this new phase of the game as we move closer to soft public launch.

Quick Index of topics:

  • Learnings from Closed Alpha
  • Closed Beta & objectives
  • Closing remarks

Learnings from Closed Alpha

Our objective for Closed Alpha was to “test and iterate cards and overall gameplay”.

To test and iterate, we have:

  • Designed and balanced an entire free set of 100+ cards for both constructed and limited play
  • Streamlined the rules for faster gameplay
  • Updated keywords and terminology to improve readability and connect more to the Emergents lore
  • Improved the battle and deck builder UI

Some of your feedback still needs to be acted upon; a measure of technical and product debt is to be expected at this point of development, but rest assured that we are working diligently to close the gap.

To all of our Alpha testers, your comments and bug reports have been invaluable – a big thank you from all of us here at InterPop!

However, even though we have and continue to make progress, we feel the project’s current version has outgrown the Alpha and its limitations. It is time to significantly expand our tester base and open up to player-generated content – articles, reviews, and streams. More players and spaces for communication will allow us to better test our infrastructure and game design elements, supercharging our development process and moving us closer to release.

Closed Beta

What does Closed Beta mean? For one, we are now confident that we have a fun and novel game. We are positioning ourselves to expand our player base, increase public awareness, and create a dedicated community of Emergents players. On the other hand, the project remains in development, meaning that we will keep adding features and polish to the game- you should expect significant changes in the short to mid-term.

We are introducing and developing tools that allow us to grow and onboard new players at scale while we continue testing and iteration. Of particular importance are:

  • Replacement of NDA restrictions: Alpha testers had to sign a non-disclosure agreement that prevented them from openly discussing and sharing the game. That limitation is lifted upon their acceptance of the new terms of service and privacy policy.
  • New invite and account creation flow: Players will now create accounts after receiving an automatic invite code. Players will also be able to log in using their existing Facebook, Twitter, or Google login in addition to the current email/password combination. Finally, this new flow will allow players to link their wallets to their Emergents TCG account. This is the first step towards recognizing existing Emergents TCG promo card NFTs. Note to Alpha testers: You will retain your email-based accounts. If you want to use a different login method, please contact us on Discord.

Objectives of Closed Beta

Our two main objectives for the Closed Beta are:

  1. To create and test a dedicated first-time user experience and;
  2. To improve and test technical performance with an increased number of users.

Create and test a dedicated first-time user experience

During Alpha testing, we noticed a pattern: experienced TCG players quickly picked up the basics, with only a few hiccups. We expect these known confusion points will be solved by our latest rules and terminology changes. However, less experienced players required more help to learn the game. As a result, our plan is to develop a tutorial with narrative and story elements and unique win conditions. Expect to see the first version of this soon and a series of updates coming hot on its wheels.

Improve and test technical performance with an increased number of users

This objective is actually two different items rolled into one: game optimization and ongoing multiplayer load testing. As discussed in our Q1 state of the game post, we’ve already done significant work on both fronts. The next step is to test our game and servers with increasingly higher player counts. Expect to see player base expansions and tech testing cycles throughout the Closed Beta. To add more stress to the system, we will work with the Closed Beta community to run several informal playing sessions and tournaments. Stay tuned for those!

Closing Remarks

If you want to hear more about Closed Beta, be sure to check our newest state of the game article for Q2 2022 and see our May 19th livestream session on-demand on Twitch and YouTube.

We are very excited about this new phase, especially in regards to opening the floodgates for player-generated content and discussion. Stream and comment to your heart’s content, we are interested to know what you think and suggest!

Finally, if you follow the project and would like to join our community of players, join us on Discord. We are always happy to bounce ideas and discuss the Emergents TCG.

Thank you, we are excited to move forward with you on this next stage of our journey!