Battle for the Culverton Crown | Gameplay Video 5

This Twitch stream of the Emergents Trading Card Game is packed full of behind-the-scenes glimpses into the evolution of the game, the in-game debut of the latest promo card featuring the Abyss, and — at long last — the reveal of the game’s Closed Beta phase!

Enjoy the extra-special treat of our Art Director, Brad Thompson, walking through the growth of the visual style of the game into something that is unmistakable original in the space, and then, as always Corey Burkhart and Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa get ready to face off on the playing field! While there was some controversy over Paulo sporting the Culverton Crown on his digital background, by the time the stream wraps you’ll know if it was the doing of the Shadowy Cabal or well-earned.

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02:00 – Introduction of Emergents Trading Card Game Art Director Brad Thompson – video demonstration of the art direction and design philosophy of the game.

05:00 – Demonstration of the evolution of the card design and how the Emergents TCG

11:00 – Corey Burkhart and Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa show off an update on the game’s deck builder and share planned upcoming improvements, including pages for players to filter or file their cards

14:00 – The Abyss Juan Doe trading card makes its grand entrance – Corey unveils the airdrop of The Abyss #0 to card owners and the Abyss card to comics owners

20:00 – Paulo talks about how the Abyss was a card that was difficult to design due to his specific kind of power

18:00 – All InterPop Comics are available at

22:00 Corey builds a deck around the Abyss – claims to “single-handedly” defeat Paulo with his powers, Paulo predicts Corey’s defeat

28:00 The first battle commences – The Shadowy Cabal decides whether Corey tried to cheat or not

33:00 – Corey shows the game board, discusses the first implementation of a ranking structure

42:00 – Paulo changes tactics from “the beatdown squad” to a more defensive approach

46:00 – Corey “gets the business” – beginning of the second game

47:00 – Paulo tries to slow down, but “pedal to the metal” is his only speed

51:00 – It’s Abyss time – see his powers in action

1:00:00 – Final push from Corey and Paulo, end of the second game

1:02:00 –  Corey announces that the Closed Beta is coming! Stay tuned for more updates on that.