Battle for the Culverton Crown | Gameplay Video 4

The Emergents TCG Team

For this Twitch stream of the Emergents Trading Card Game, we also wanted to give our fans and community a closer look at the evolution of the game. Senior Product Manager, Leonard Perez joined us at the beginning to demonstrate just how far we’ve come. If you want a deeper dive into the State of the Game up to February 2022, check it out here.

After Leonard exited the stage, it was time for Corey Burkhart and Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa to start playing! See some of the game’s upcoming features, including PvP, Limited Pool, and Bot Match and see more of the game in action for yourself!

If you’ve never seen one of our past streams, this is a fantastic place to start. See where we’ve been, where we’re going, and learn more about the mechanics of the game!

Livestream Notes:

04:00 – Leonard Perez gives an overview of the Emergents Trading Card Game in 2021, starting with the very first playable build to today (read more about that here!)

11:00 – Leonard showcases the in-progress Avatar system – where players can change their avatar, playmats, and more to customize their games

12:00 – Demonstration of the updated Wilcarding mechanic

15:00 – Conclusion of presentation

18:00 – Overview of the newest build of the Emergents TCG from Corey Burkhart including updated game modes (PvP, Limited Pool, and Bot Match)

19:00 – Limited Pool game mode exploration and description – deckbuilding

28:00 – Begin Game 1 for the Culverton Crown: Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa vs. Corey Burkhart

30:00 – Paulo gives an explanation of the resource system and wildcarding mechanic

33:00 – Demonstration of Maser’s Deplete ability

41:00 – Corey describes starter cards for players

48:00 – Paulo risks it all with a Wildcard attempt

50:00 – End Game #1

53:00 – Begin Game #2

1:03 – Paulo inches closer to victory… Can Corey carve out a win?!

1:04 – End Game #2