Battle for the Culverton Crown: Livestream #3

The Emergents TCG Team

This Alpha-stage livestream of the Emergents TCG sees Corey Burkhart go head-to-head yet again against Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa in the latest fight for the Culverton Crown. 

This time, Corey summons the powers of evil, playing a villain-themed mono-faction deck with the nefarious Daddy-O and his army of robots at the helm. Paulo answers the call with a tri-faction deck composed of many of Culverton’s mightiest heroes and members of the Nine. 

This stream shows off some updated features, including new animations during gameplay, the random match mode, and more. Be sure to follow us on  Emergents TCG Twitter and join the conversation on Discord!

The Emergents TCG is powered by Tezos and built by InterPop.

Livestream notes: 

00:03 – Corey Burkhart introduces the “Good vs. Evil” theme of this game against Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa 

1:43 – How the number of factions in your deck changes your opening hand size in the Emergents TCG 

4:00 – Game #1 Begins. Corey encourages us to root for evil. 

5:50 – Recap of the fundamentals of the game 

10:50 – Demonstrating the most recent combat animations

12:20 – Paulo on resource building with a tri-faction deck 

19:39 – Emergents TCG Card Anatomy: Bookworm 

22:26 – Emergents TCG Card Anatomy: Professor Helios

23:18 – Emergents TCG Card Anatomy: Devastatrix and [alt] 

32:32 – Emergents TCG Card Anatomy – ZoeMG

34:19 – Importance of being able to draw a card before blocking 

36:40 – Showing off Daddy-O in action

38:25 – End of Game #1 

39:52 – Game #2 Begins: random two-faction mode 

45:32 – See the Whip Trip trap card in action 

1:00:10 – Game #2 ends