Battle for the Culverton Crown | Gameplay Video 2

The Emergents TCG Team

After a stunning upset in the first stream that saw Paulo Vitor Damo da Rose defeat Corey Burkhart, Corey came to stream f #2 primed and ready to face-off for another shot at the Culverton Crown. This stream builds off the live Alpha-stage gameplay of the Emergents Trading Card Game in Video #1. See A new field of battle, new cards, and see the latest version (at the time of recording) of the Deckbuilder. 

Will Paulo’saggressive Sculptor/Non-Stop build stand up against the Eyebot hordes in Corey’s Tinkerer deck?!

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Livestream Notes: 

00:03 – Introduction from Corey Burkhart 

2:55 – Demonstration  of the current version of the Deckbuilder 

3:37 – Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa – Describes his aggressive Sculptor and Non-Stop deck 

5:22 – Explanation of the TInkerer faction 

6:30 – First look at Daddy-O – how the Emergents Universe crosses the Emergents Trading Card Game and the Emergents Comics 

10:11 – Game #1 begins 

11:50 – Emergents TCG Card Anatomy: The Abyss 

16:19 – Important advice from Corey on early-game strategy 

18:30 – Scorch vs. Scarlet Tiger 

26:39 – Asset card and Action card explanation 

33:15 – Emergents TCG Card Anatomy: Bookworm 

36:00 – Paulo is cooking something up… but what? 

36:49 – We discover that Corey is a mathematician and Paulo is an international relationist 

39:34 – Game #1 ends. The Council decides whether Corey Burkhart’s victory counts. 

41:54 – The variety of actions your opponent might have deployed to be played in the future

48:20 – How the Emergents TCG doesn’t punish players for Wildcarding high-cost cards 

1:01:15 – Corey Burkhart talks about flexibility in deckbuilding in the Emergents TCG 

1:08:35 – End of Game #2