Battle for the Culverton Crown | Gameplay Video 1

Emergents TCG Team

Check out the first-ever livestream video of the Emergents Trading Card Game featuring Corey Burkhart and Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa going head to head in the face-off for the Culverton Crown. 

This live gameplay video shows off the most recent build of the game as of recording and offers a glimpse into some of the game mechanics like Wildcarding and Traps, faction cards, how the resource system works, and more! Stream the full video on Youtube, and follow us on Twitch to catch the next one live! 

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The Emergents TCG is powered by Tezos and built by InterPop

Livestream Notes: 

00:03 – Introduction by Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa 

00:49 – Introduction of the play area, deck hands, factions, health

1:22 – Explanation of the game’s resource system – resource types and resource building

2:30 – Anatomy of a card (Billy Stopless and Sunder) 

4:50 – How Wildcarding Works 

7:35 – Corey Burkhart’s first turn begins – Attempts to Wildcard 

7:50 – Emergents TCG Card Anatomy: Time Blotter 

10:09 – Emergents TCG Card Anatomy: Shimmerstorm  

10:56 – How the attack action works in the game – Damage is dealt! 

14:30 – Emergents TCG Card Anatomy: Afterimage 

18:26 – Corey Burkhart plays the action card, Nova – destruction ensues 

19:12 – How deploying action cards works 

23:13 – Emergents TCG Card Anatomy: Devastatrix 

27:24 – Emergents TCG Card Anatomy: Coax and Phaeton

24:11 – End of Game #1 

35:35 – Beginning of Game #2 

36:07 – Emergents TCG Card Anatomy: The Accelerant 

41:55 – Corey plays an action card – explanation of opponent action card view 

46:34 -Emergents TCG Card Anatomy: Bantam 

52:30 – End of Game #2