Promo Announcement: The Accelerant

Emergents Staff

We will be releasing a special promo version of The Accelerant on our NFT marketplace at starting Wednesday October 12th at 12:00 PM ET (4:00 PM UTC). Auctions will be a key part of our game’s economic system, so we’re going to be selling it in two distinct ways.

  • First Minted auction – auction will run for seven days.

  • Limited fixed price sale – sale runs while supply lasts (249 cards available) for 50 XTZ.

Maser sold out quickly, so we are increasing the number of copies in the hopes this will allow everyone an opportunity to purchase.

The Accelerant is from the latest generation of Emergents to manifest their powers and the likely valedictorian of the Phaeton Project. Her brother Pyrotechnique, on the other hand, is a toxic bully who she’s constantly trying to outshine the embarrassment she feels for his behavior. The Accelerant’s speed can create a whirlwind of flames to imprison her enemies, slag weapons before they can be drawn, and melt bullets as she runs astride them. – Corey Burkhart, Senior Game Designer, InterPop

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