Promo Announcement: Maser

Emergents Staff

We will be releasing a special promo version of Maser on our NFT marketplace at starting Tuesday September 28th at 9:00 AM ET (1:00 PM UTC). Auctions will be a key part of our game’s economic system, so we’re going to be selling it in two distinct ways.

  • Limited fixed price sale – sale will run until supply lasts (99 cards available).
  • First Minted auction – auction will run for seven days. 

Maser spent his childhood in a bubble when he transformed into a cloud of hydrogen gas as a small child. A friend of his family built him a suit that he could animate and focus his powers as a living Maser. However, missing out on his childhood filled Maser with resentment and rage. 

Maser attends the Phaeton Project in part to manage his pent-up aggression and learn to control his powers, of which he can create coherent electromagnetic waves that he can sculpt into anything he can imagine, and the adrenaline fuels his ability to lift objects much larger than himself and hurl them at his foes.

Maser Inspect View

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